Bedouin Traditions

Choose the ritual you are interested in and share some time with our people. 
Please note that for Bedouin activities a minimum number of people is often required but you may be the sole participant by bearing the full cost of the experience.
For more information about approaching Bedouin traditions please send us an email to

Arboood making

Thick bread baked in hot ashes of a fire. 

Min 2 pax

Shrak making

Flatbread backed on a domed saj.

Min 2 pax

Bedouin coffee ritual

Discover the gesture, the meaning and the music of cardamon-spiced coffee: an important symbol of hospitality and trust.

Min 2 pax


It comes from the leaves of a shrub. Brides usually have their hands and feet decorated as part of wedding rituals.

Min 2 pax

Bedouin carpet weaving

Do you know a 4 meter long strip of carpet can take about a week to weave?

Min 2 pax


Bedouin make the kohl (eyeliner) by collecting the ashes of a burnt tree and then mix the ashes with olive oil.

Min 2 pax


The rababa is considered part of the lute family, it is almost certainly the direct ancestor of the European violin.

Min 2 pax


Discover the sound of this instrument which is often the best friend of Bedouin shepherds.

Min 2 pax

Lunch or dinner with a Bedouin family

Genuine experience to be lived with open hearts.

 Min 1 pax