This land is our home: you can come any time.

We are open all year round 24 hours a day.

We suggest you to bring a flashlight and towels. Even in summer evenings can be cool, so bring warm clothing. Bedding is available, but you can bring your own sleeping bag if you wish. For hiking you’ll need comfortable shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunblock and lip protection. Don’t forget long trousers for camel caravans and horse riding.


Homemade traditional food

The women of the Ammarin Tribe are willing to make you taste traditional Bedouin food. 
You will enjoy meals according to a set menu that will always give  you the chance to go through a main course - such as  Mansaf, Maqlouba, Kabsa, Zarb- and side dishes.

Please specify when booking  if you are vegetarian or have allergies. If you are gluten free, please bring your own  wraps/bread and we will use these for you.

Bedouin tea is included and complementary. Mineral water is served for free with all meals; if you need some more, bottles of water are sold for 1 JD.
Also non – sleeping guests can enjoy a traditional meal  at the camp, by booking in advance. 
We provide  transportation service from/to Wadi Musa-Petra to anyone unprovided with their own vehicle.

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Lunch box

We can prepare lunch boxes upon request by ordering 1 morning before!   If you are gluten free, please bring your own  wraps/bread, and we will use these for you. Each lunch box contains: bread, boiled egg,  tuna, tomatoes, cucumbers, dried fruit,  dates, pistachios, snack, 1 fruit, juice.

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Toilets & Showers

Four units of toilets and showers with running hot water are housed in a Bedouin tent.
Hot water is available from 6.30 pm to 10 am-summer time;  from 5.30 pm to 10 am- winter time.

We are installing a  solar thermal system!

Common tent

Common area

A traditional Beit Shar Tent is used as a dining and entertainment common area ( capacity 350 guests).
 In winter it is  heated by fires.

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Shuttle service

If you do not have your own vehicle we can pick you up and drop you back into Petra's Visitor Centre (7 JD) or Wadi Mousa town (10 JD). It is only a 15 minute drive from the camp.

Prices are per vehicle (up to 4 people) and per trip.

If you need to be picked up from any other location in Jordan, just let us know when booking.


Free parking

Free private parking is available on site. Reservation is not needed. You are kindly requested to park near the gate (no farther than 90 m from the tents) and far from the tents as we are a protected area.

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Electricity is provided by generator.
You may charge electronic devices when electricity is availble: in winter time from 5 pm to 10 pm. In summer from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Internet access is not available, What better chance to connect to the silence within you?

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Reserve rules

Kindly note that in Beidha’s natural -archeological reserve all the rules of Petra Archeological Park apply.

Whether you are sleeping in our traditional tents or you have pitched your own tent or parked your campervan, or you have just stopped by for a meal or a walk, we recommend you to act in accordance with all the rules, such as the ones about cleanliness, campfires and firearms usage.
Please report any violation or emergency in order to immediately deal with it and remember:
• Leave no litter

• Protect nature

• Do not light campfires without prior permission and never leave fires unattended

• Get permission before entering the camp
• No cars are allowed on the camp ground
Fire safety equipment as well as First- Aid kit are available at the camp.


Cultural tips

Jordan is an Islamic country. Although comparatively liberal, many of the women are veiled. Visitors, especially women, are advised to dress modestly. This not only shows respect for the culture, but also will help you be accepted. Do not take photographs without asking permission first.
Alcohol is not served nor appreciated

Respect the culture and traditions and you will be rewarded with warmth and hospitality.

For reservations and additional information please  send us an email to